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Welcome to M&M Property Group LLC,!

Your trusted partner in mobile home community property management. I am Mike, the proud owner, investor, and founder of this esteemed company. With a passion for real estate, small to large mobile home communities and a proven track record of success, I have dedicated my career to delivering exceptional property management services.

My journey in property management began as a Community Manager for a mobile home/RV/cabin community, working under the esteemed Minnesota Manufactured Home Association. And employed by the President of the Association in the year 2000, I gained invaluable experience in managing diverse communities and navigating industry regulations.

In 2003, I took on the challenge of managing a large-scale apartment community comprising over 200 units. Over the course of two years, I successfully oversaw day-to-day operations, including tenant management, maintenance, resident relations, and community development.

Following my accomplishments in the apartment sector, In 2005 -2010, I successfully sought out My Minnesota Contractors License and worked for a smaller company for custom kitchens and baths. I transitioned into a role as a State Branch Manager for a renowned Fortune 50 company specializing in custom kitchens and baths. In this position, I demonstrated my leadership abilities by managing a team of over 120 subordinates and direct reports. With a focus on efficiency and client satisfaction, I achieved remarkable results and contributed to the company's growth.

In 2012, I seized an opportunity to purchase a 28-unit multifamily apartment community. By undertaking extensive rehabilitation efforts, I revitalized both the property and the community, ultimately leading to a successful sale.

The following year, in 2013, I joined a prominent Twin Cities company as a Property Manager and Community Manager for a mobile home community encompassing 175 units. Over the span of eight years. I excelled in ensuring the smooth operations of the community, fostering positive tenant relationships, and driving growth and completed all updates to infrastructure, assisted in the sale of this community to out of state buyers, and aided the smooth transition.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep commitment to providing top-notch mobile home community property management services, I embarked on a new venture in 2019 after a 4- months’ worth due diligence of phone calls and email dialog with the previous ownership group, extensive research, negotiation, and careful consideration, I purchased Cedar Lane Mobile Home Park, laying the foundation for M&M Property Group LLC.

At M&M Property Group LLC, I, and my associates, vendors and business relationships strive to provide comprehensive community property management within our mobile home communities with solutions tailored to you, our residents’ specific needs. With my wealth of experience, I bring a diverse skill set to the table, encompassing community property management, tenant relations, leasing/contract negotiations, daily management ensuring accurate bookkeeping/accounting, maintenance oversight, and strategic decision-making.

In addition to rolling up my sleeves and assisting whenever needed.

I understand the importance of maintaining open lines of communication, building lasting relationships, and ensuring that all daily operations run smoothly. Our team is dedicated to professionalism, integrity, and excellence, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service and outstanding results.

In my spare time, I enjoy and am a big Fan of the Minnesota Vikings, and the Minnesota Twins games. My beautiful wife, Melissa, and I met over 27 years ago, where I had my own Handyman business and remodeled her home and never left. We often laugh about this time in our lives. Melissa who has been 30 years in property management and is a professional in the Real Estate industry. While we each have our own separate businesses. We enjoy spending time with our 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren as much as we can. We know the true value of family and the importance of affordable housing, in these challenging times.

Thank you for considering M&M Property Group LLC as your property management partner. I invite you to explore our services coming soon and reach out with any inquiries. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your real estate, personal property investments and your mobile home affordable housing needs.

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About Mike Grover and M&M Property Group LLC.

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Cedar Lane Mobile Home Community, located in the wonderful community of Tracy, Minnesota has vacant lots available for your new manufactured home, contact us today for more information!

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Community News Letter

Greetings, esteemed members of the Cedar Lane Mobile Home Community,

I hope this letter finds each and every one of you in good spirits as we embrace the sweltering summer. It's undeniably a scorching season, isn't it?

As we endure the heat, it is crucial that we reflect on certain considerations related to the weather. Currently, we are experiencing a significant decrease of over 6 inches in average rainfall, and it's not even the 4th of July yet! This situation poses potential challenges for water availability, especially affecting our local farmers and their crops.

In light of these circumstances, it is imperative that we remain mindful of water conservation. As a community, there are several simple yet impactful actions we can take. Firstly, please avoid allowing water to run excessively while washing your cars. Additionally, it is advisable to water plants and flowers during the early morning or late evening, avoiding overnight watering. Moreover, please ensure that your toilets are not running at full blast after each flush, and promptly address any leaking faucets. Each one of us can play a part in conserving water to mitigate potential shortages during this drought. If you happen to observe any leaks or excessive water flow in our surroundings, please report the matter immediately to Mike at M&M Property Group LLC through our website, via text message, or even by sending me a private message on Facebook. By taking such actions, we contribute to the replenishment of our water aquifers, from which the city draws water, while simultaneously reducing expenses. This collective effort helps us maintain affordable rents and prevents the need for unwelcome rent increases by the end of the year, enabling us to focus on planned improvements for our beloved community.

Now, as we approach the upcoming 4th of July holiday, I kindly request that you exercise extreme caution. Due to the dry conditions, it is vital that fireworks are not ignited or used above ground within the park. We understand the joy of sparklers, and those are permitted, but it is crucial to recognize the significant safety and fire risks associated with other types of fireworks in a mobile home community. For the sake of everyone's safety, please ensure that any fireworks, except sparklers, are kept away from homes and dry grass. Additionally, let us be considerate of our neighbors and pets during this holiday, as not everyone may celebrate in the same manner.

Moving on to important updates, changes, and notices:

We have a new address for rental payments made by check or money order. Effective immediately from June 26, 2023, all rental payments must be sent to the following address:

M&M Property Group LLC,

c/o Mike Grover

12527 Central Avenue NE #250

Blaine, Minnesota 55434.

You should mail your July 1, 2023, this address will be used for your July rent payments now and all future payments and/or correspondence. Payments made through cash apps remain unaffected.

Furthermore, I am thrilled to announce that I am working on introducing more convenient payment options in the near future. Stay tuned for updates, including new payment slips featuring the updated address, which will be sent to you shortly.

In light of any rumors or misinformation that may circulate, it is crucial that I and my staff at M&M Property Group LLC continue to honor the lease agreements we have with you our residents and M&M Property Group LLC. By upholding these agreements, we ensure proper credit to your accounts. As the legal and lawful owner of all contracts, I, as the Founder and CEO of M&M Property Group LLC, have diligently filed all assignments of leases and rents. This filing aims to eliminate any confusion or misinformation regarding ownership. It reaffirms the commitment I and M&M Property Group LLC have to each of you and the contracts held, encompassing all lots within the Cedar Lane Mobile Home Park located at 600 Greenwood Avenue, Tracy, Minnesota 56175. Ensuring proper credit for your lease, whether it pertains to house payment contracts or lot rent or both.

Please check our new website often for updates, news and community information. If you would like to share recipes, garden tips, photos, or ideas that you would like to see for the community please contact

Our Community website is :

All Community Information and Notices will be located there. (here) If you have something you would like to share or post, please email it to Mike at the "contact us" link within the community website tab.

On behalf of myself and M&M Property Group LLC staff, We wish you a wonderful, safe Happy 4th of July Holiday with your neighbors, family and friends!

Thank you.


Mike A Grover, CEO, Founder

M&M Property Group, LLC

12527 Central Avenue NE #250 Blaine, Minnesota 55434

Phone/Text: 612-978-9808.



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Fourth of July BBQ



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Check Back often!

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